Monday, June 22, 2009


TIME TANGLED ISLAND TD=time device 1. go to pendulums lab. 2. talk to the lady 3. go down then left and down again. 4. push the big thing to the other part 5. run left and see the future you!! 6. click on "can you help me repair the past?" 7. they'll give you the time device 8. click the TD and the first head 9. jump on the vace, then the statue 10. jump on the first building and get the phonograph 11. click the sixth head on the TD. 12. collect the gun power 13. jump up stuff until you find the old man and beat him in the memory game. (how to beat it is whatever piece is at the top, follow it with the mouse where ever it goes, then click on it when he says now showm where it is.)then he'll give you an amulet. 14. go to the second head on the TD. 15. give the first guy his amulet. 16. jump up the moss covered rocks 17. use the gun power to blow the cave open 18. where to go in the cave: down, down, down, up, up, up, riggggghhhhhht, dooooooooown, lefffffffft, jup on the rocks in the water DON'T fall in it, the torch will go out. then collect the gold vase and the new torch. a easy way to get out is to just fall in the water and it will take you out. 19. go to the first head on the TD. 20. give the vase to the second guy 21. go to the ninth head on the TD 22. go all the way left and click the red circle on the car and jump on the top 23. jump on the tree branches 24. jump on the roof and on the second chimney, collect the piece of stone. 25. enter the house 26. go upstairs and give the guy up there his phonograph 27. go to the fifth head in the TD. 28.go to the second (???castle???) and jump to the top and give the king his piece of stone. 29. jump over the guards to the third castle thing 30. talk to the old guy to get his mask, when you put it on the guards don't bother you. 31. talk to the guard with the goggles on and get them from him. 32. go to the 11th head on the TD. 33. start to climb the mountain. when you get to the part tou have to jump and turn left, be careful there's a hole you might fall down. 34. when you climb the rope to the top, talk to the second person. 35. climb the mountain with the hikers 36. get to the top and collect the statuette of liberty. 37. Tenth head on TD. 38. go right, jump on the barrel, the roof, the wood, the statue's head, jump to the top 39. take a long jump so you can collect the notebook 40. then go inside, go right and give the guy his statuette 41. Fourth head on TD. 42. go left, jump on the leo's workshop sign then the rocks then the grass on the right. 43. jump on the wood and to the other side 44. jump on the pieces of wood then down the pulley 45. jump down and go inside Leo's workshop 46. go up, jump on the rope and climb up, then jump on the twisty thing 47. jump on the floor and talk to Leonardo Da Vinci to givehin his notebook 48. leave.. then jump down, get on the grass then the pulley, jump to get the peace medal 49. eightth head on TD 50. give the first man his peace medal 51. jump on the tree branches to the top and when you see the animal pop up get the stone bowl 52. go to the sixth head on the TD. 53. find the guy that wants his bowl and give him it. 54. seventh head 55. jump up the windows to the roof and get the salt rocks 56. third head 57. go right, jump on the stick, jump on the highest roof, the tree, then both roofs. 58. give the man up there his salt rocks 59. jump down and over the snake 60. jump up the logs and over the big wall, then to the ground. 61. go up to the man holding rolled papers, put togetther the painting and he'll give you it. 62. go to the seventh head 63. go inside the building and give the guy by the bed the declaration of independence. 64. go to LAB. 65. go in the pendelums lab, fix the machine and go inside. 66. go right, ride up the tube, ride the monorails, ride the platform thing that goes up, jump off to the left. 67. when you get inside the house jump to the right and see the new future you! 68. get your medallion!!!:)

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